Caca Marron: Lush Henna Hair

I am not a real redhead. It’s all a lie. And my partner in crime:  Lush Cosmetics
A couple years ago, I decided to trade in my mousy brown locks for shiny, pretty auburn hair, and I have yet to go back.


My preferred dye is caca marron, which despite the unappealing name leaves hair a beautiful silky chestnut, and silky smooth to boot. The dye is formulated without harmful chemicals and includes ingredients like cocoa butter that actually make it a pretty effective hair treatment as well.

What first intrigued me about the product is the form it comes in. The dye is sold as a bar, which then gets chopped up into little pieces and mixed with boiling water to form a pasty, sandy mask.


The product is applied in a way that is reminiscent of what the name suggests: it’s basically a goopy brown sludge that you massage into your hair. You may need a friend for this part, as it’s difficult to coat every hair without help. (Thanks Sarah.)

In order to keep the dye thin enough to apply, we added more water throughout the process. Don’t worry, this step won’t have an effect on the outcome.

IMG_0902 (1)

After all of your hair is coated, coax it up into a bun (or something of the sort) on the top of your head. I blasted mine with a hair dryer for a few minutes, because the red in the henna develops better with heat. 

Next I wrapped my entire head in plastic wrap like some leftover dinner and sat with it for a few hours. ( I decided not to post pictures of this part, it looked too ridiculous, and I don’t think we’ve reached that level in our relationship yet. Sorry. Maybe someday.) You can leave it in overnight, if you’d like, but the dye won’t continue developing after six hours.


And then we wash! If you care at all about the state of your shower, or your entire bathroom for that matter, I would do this part outside. As it was, my bathtub ended up looking like I had brutally murdered Oscar the Grouch.

After the process is said and done, you will have smooth & beautiful hair, that will probably give off the herbal scent of henna for a few days to come.


Ta-da!! Fake redhead. Bam. That simple.

The dye lasts an impressive amount of time, I find myself using half a bar every few months to touch up my roots, while the ends of my hair continue to stay pretty bright red.

Lush dye has been my favorite for a while, and if you don’t mind a little (okay, a lot) of mess, then I think you’ll have the same experience.

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