Hi there! I’m Olivia. I’m a digital media and design major at the University of Connecticut. I love art, baking, and all things design. I have a passion for theatre, and I love to travel and explore new places.

My goal in starting Runcible Spoon is to share with you the things I enjoy creating, from cupcakes to sketchbooks, tea parties to  animations. I love seeing projects come together into something beautiful.

“Runcible Spoon”  comes from the Edward Lear poem, The Owl and the Pussy CatRuncible is a nonsense word that shows up in many of Lear’s poem, a word he used purely for the sound.

I like the idea that not everything has to have a deep significance, besides the fact that it’s pretty and nice. Sometimes, we need a break from the heaviness that comes within our lives. That’s what this blog is for me. Runcible Spoon is a collection of things that make me happy, and I hope it can make you happy too.